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#016-Pidgey Clan
Normal/Flying Elementals
Biology and appearance
The Pidgey clan or "Tiny Bird" clan are a common Avian clan who thrived after the war having little to do with the rest of the clans in the world and instead keeping to themselves in higher places, through they congregate in social clearings every now and then. Pidgey are primarily Brown feathered with lighter torso's. Both their feet and their arms are a pinkish-grey colour with three taloned fingers and toes. They each have distinctive black marks around their eyes which mark them for which family in the clan they belong to, and a small crest of brown and cream feathers sprout from their foreheads and down over their heads. Most members of the clan either braid or tie these back in ropes of vines.
They all have an extremely sharp sense of direction and homing instincts. They can locate a Pidgey nesting tree even when far removed from their familiar surroundings. They are docile in nature and cautious after the events of the war remembering the many trials that nearly destroyed all the wild clans. Given this however they are one of the most successful wild pokemon clans in the Kanto region mainly because of the clans nature to flee when attacked out in the open rather than stay and fight, being reserved rather than rash. They will ascend on their enormous wings and can fly for great distances if they have to. They can control the wind with their great wings by flapping them to create gusts that can be formed into great whirlwinds or by generating great dust clouds with the formidable gusts they create.
Geographical Clan locations
They make their dwellings in meadow regions or in great forested trees. Ancient trees sometimes house the great nest homes of the biggest clan families. Captured Pidgey are as numerous as the members of the clan in the wild and have been since the end of the war. Although they escaped the final battle largely unscathed unlike the main three clans, they were hunted down over the centuries since and have been captured in great numbers. The most avid collectors have breeding reserves of the clan. The League has had a hard time eradicating the wild clans however in recent years and the wild clans still thrive.
Palaeontologists have recently discovered evidence that some of the pokemon clans that exist today originate from a common ancestor. The Pidgey clan is a prime example for the evidence that supports this theory. Fossils uncovered in a Kanto dig site have found evidence of ancient Pokemon that have characteristics in common with both the Pidgey clan and many other avian clans throughout the region, most notably the Spearow clan.
Evidence suggests that while many offshoots of this prehistoric clan developed unique characteristics for the environment they were in and became offshoot clans, the main population of these ancestors became the Pidgey clan the most populace avian clan within Kanto and they spread throughout the region becoming a major trading clan with the other powers in the region.
When humanity arrived in the region the Pidgey clan were the ones who brought their arrival to the attention of the Squirtle clan who sent ambassadors. When things turned sour and the humans were forced out of the region the pidgey clan did it's part alongside the Squirtle's to secure the region. However, a few years later when humanity brought an army the Pidgey clan were one of the first clans affected with huge swathes of their land and their main family clans being slaughtered and destroyed. They were forced to retreat and very few had the courage to fight.
Throughout the long and terrible war the Clan as a whole stayed hidden, with only a few members pledging support to the other clans in the long and arduous fight of the other clans in the region.
After the last great battle in which the main three clans were slaughtered and captured the Pidgey clan went further into hiding to protect themselves from the new human empire that had taken over the region.
The few members of the clan that were captured, were used as slaves and couriers for the humans until the advent of the Pokemon League were the talents of the clans were put to warfare. The Pidgey clan proved useful in this technique, being used to conquer the different nations of the world under the league's banner and it's propaganda. The pidgey clan with their huge wingspan and abilities over the winds were valuable to the league in this regard and they have been cultivated by the league since then.
The wild clans have been hunted by the league since but over time they have adapted to humanities presence in the region and they have become highly skilled at keeping hidden from the league, and thus have successfully stayed as one of the most populace clans still present in the wild of Kanto.
This arrangement has stayed without much change by the league largely because they don't pose much of a threat to the league.
The Clan does not venerate any one god. They believe in a whole host of spirits and ancestor's that live on the winds and travel through it. In using the wind they are guiding their loved ones to the next life, and in utilising the winds they are protecting everything that exists. It is for this reason that the wild clans do not take well to conflict. They listen to the changing of the wind and many of their holiest clan members spend years interpreting the meanings of the winds direction and course. They also believe that these winds can reach into the cosmos itself and that it connects every star in the night sky so that the universe itself is their ancestors afterlife.
The clan are connected to a magical energy known as ambient magic by humanity and is collectively termed as normal magic. This energy can be utilised by humanity to a certain degree, though in the hands of a clan member the abilities are far greater:
The Pidgey clan have attained the ability to manipulate the flying disciplines of wind which they see as their holy right and they utilise with great accuracy and to sometimes great effect:
Feathered arrows-
Mirrored flight-
Air Blade-
Aerial Ace-
Lost Magic
Though rumour abounds that the wild clans still hold onto the ancient magical powers of the clan the tamed clans of Pidgey have lost these abilities and no-one has ever witnessed the wild clans ever using these lost abilities.
Keen Eye-
Forests growth-
Mighty Eagle-
016 Pidgey Clan
After finishing off the starter clan's pokedex entries I thought i would get around to the rest of the clan's encountered in the first entry of the reboot i am doing starting with Pidgey. As one of the most common pokemon in the series it only seems right that they would be next. I will finish off the rest of this sheet at a later time, when I have more drive to do so. Right now I'm knackered. 
#007-Squirtle Clan

Water Elementals
Biology and appearance
The Squirtle Clan or the "Tiny Turtle" clan are one of the most graceful of the clans. They resemble light blue turtle like humans. They are equally adept at walking on two legs as running away on both hands and legs leaping great distances with all four limbs and being extremely graceful and agile in the water and out. They have large brown eyes and slightly hooked upper lips. they have three fingers and three toes. Their tails are long and curl inwards although in the water they can curl the tail outwards to move through the water with great speed. Their shells form upon birth and expand to encase the Squirtle's torso hugging the contours of the person's body and acting like a natural armour but still being flexible enough to grow with the individual Squirtle. The shell is brown on top, pale yellow around the torso and has a bright white rim that stores energy.
The Squirtle can make it's shell grow at will retreating into it for protection or to sleep, and many Squirtle live within shell-homes in their natural environment only rarely leaving the sanctuary of the shells which are portable homes which expand in time. A Squirtle in its home appears without the shell around it's body as it is all around it and very few people have ever seen a Squirtle without the familiar shell on it's body. They have the ability to produce a watery spray within their body and spray this out as a jet of foamy water with great accuracy.
The Squirtle clan were once one of the oldest and respected clans of the great oceans. They were the mystical wise-men respected by many of the other clans for their knowledge. Over time most of the knowledge the clan once held has been lost though their neutral and stoic nature has remained. They show very little emotion outwardly and come across as timid, though they have an internal strength that has helped the clan members endure. The clan members in captivity have proved to be strong and malleable individuals.  
Geographical clan locations
They are scarce in the wild, with the majority of their ancient home villages being wiped out or dragged up as they were made from the Squirtle's themselves. A few can still be found around small ponds or lakes however though most wild Squirtle are loners and don't stick to clans anymore for fear of being captured. Some members of the Clan deserted Kanto after the war in favour of finding small abandoned islands where it is said small clans still exist today.
As with the other starter Clans of Kanto the population of the female Squirtle's is heavily controlled and very few exist compared to the male population.
The Squirtle clan were once a knowledgeable clan having amassed a huge amount of texts and lost knowledge of each of the different clans. The origin's of the clan and their extensive library of lost texts and knowledge is unknown to modern palaeontologists though the legends of a lost city of knowledge and power has given rise to a popular legend surrounding the clan's ancient origins.
Centuries before the great wars between the pokemon clans and humanity, the clans warred between each other for territory and power and the Squirtle clan held a high position amongst the many kanto clans that existed at the time. They gained the power as historians and powerful scholars when they aligned themselves as neutral members of the vast Magikarp empire. They were honoured and respected by the war-like empire of the Magikarp clan and their territory was respected. Through this honoured position they gained a lot of territory around the coasts and lakes of Kanto, and when the humans arrived in the region they were one of the first clans to welcome them as diplomatic emissaries of the pokemon clans in the region.
The humans quickly grew jealous of the power the clans showed them and they wanted to attain the same power themselves. The encounters between early humanity and the clan quickly turned aggressive and war soon broke out between the tww factions. It was a quick skirmish and the squirtle clan with it's superior power and forces were able to rid Kanto of the humans who retreated from their territory. For years the clans carried on in the knowledge that this new species who lacked any form of magic had been dealt with be the Squirtle clan, until they returned with superior forces and better technology geared towards military might.
The war was brutal and many clans were overwhelmed by the brutality. The Squirtle clan retreated to their territories and library cities were they mused over what to do as the much more war-like clans took over the conflict. The Magikarp clan was quickly overwhelmed and their numbers diminished over the subsequent years of conflict, and the Charmander clan took over the brunt of the war on the pokemon clans side of the conflict as the different clans fought to keep up with the turmoil.
As things started to look bleak for the clans the Squirtle's finally left their cities and joined the fighting once more using their knowledge to deal with the great war machines of the humans and uniting the clans in their conflict. They acted as the generals and advisers to the Charmander clan and they helped to keep the march of humanity at bay. They took many casualties during the conflict and at least one of their clan members was taken hostage during the times just prior to the last great battle. It is through this clan member that humanity learnt how to utilise and use the magical energies that the pokemon clans naturally wielded.
As the last great battle was organised to finally push humanity out of Kanto the Squirtle clan organised the greatest three surviving clans in the region into a great host. They joined the Charmander and the Bulbasaur clans together with their own and they struck at humanity.
It was only during the last battle that the clan realised the extent of their mistake, and tried to retreat. Humanity had learnt some of the secrets of the clan through a member of the clan itself. They had at last utilised the vast magical energies of the clans and crafted devices that could entrap them and imprison them. The clans were doomed from that moment and the Squirtle clan knew what they must do. Many of them fought on so that their oldest members could escape. The battle was lost but their knowledge would not fall into the hands of their enemies.
The clan members who escaped that final battle are theorised to have hidden the vast knowledge and the lost secrets of the clans of Kanto in a vast underwater city that people still search for to this day, though some believe that they simply destroyed the texts and history of the clans so that the knowledge would never e known by the brutal race that had conquered them.
After the clan was captured and humanity conquered the Kanto region, they took up a role in human society as butlers and guardians of public buildings being utilised for their vast powers to protect noble families. They were the jewel in humanities crown, the first clan that had defeated humanity in Kanto being nobly paraded as a conquered society. This however has never been true. Out of the three main clans who took part in the final battle the Squirtle clan is the only one were survivors have ever been confirmed. These survivors live a lone existence and have stayed nomadic since escaping enslavement. They have never banded together in clans for fear of being enslaved along with the rest of the clan and instead wander around in the wild only banding together to breed and carry on their clan.
As the Pokemon league formed the experiments that were done on the first Squirtle clan members captured was used to breed them into powerful tools to be used as weapons by league members. They were re-utilised as symbols of the league's power and they were bred and controlled in specialised tank facilities owned by the league.
They were used as propaganda alongside the other two great clans of the region being used by trainer-initiates of the league to show the apex of humanity. The clan members that still exist in the wild have subsequently started being hunted down and captured by the league, though any information on this issue is tightly controlled and the ongoing project is being directly overseen by the league top agents.
Though the Squirtle clan are believed to venerate a higher being like the other pokemon clans they have very rarely shown any form of religious belief and the few surviving scrolls that have been recovered from long dead Sqiurtle ruins have alluded to the clans fervent belief that gods do not exist. Any knowledge they once held on the subject of a higher being has either been destroyed long ago or was hidden after the last battle and any surviving members of the clan who still have any rudimentary knowledge of such things have never given any detail to the origins of the recovered scrolls or what they mean. Squirtle members have been known to gather in meditation though any religious connotations to this practice is open to conjecture.
The Squirtle clan have long been the guardians of lost knowledge and have been natural adepts of the waters were they make their homes:
Water Gun-Members of the clan learn to direct the water around them from birth and adepts can control this to the point where they can hurl a stream of water like a projectile weapon with some rare practitioners being able to do this out of the water from stored water in their own shells.
Withdrawal-This technique is the backbone of the clan and is the ability that is taught above all other abilities of the clan. It allows the clan member to shape and define his shell as armour, weaponry, lodgings or anything else they can physically create or imagine. Their shells are infused with their magical abilities and the greater the achievement of this ability the greater reserve of power available to the clan member. In ancient times the clan attained vast cities comprised of their own shells. Some ruins still exist of these ancient cities and a few rare clan members can separate their shells from their bodies and grow a new shell to replace it creating great monuments out of a shell separate from their bodies.
Bubble-This is another requirement from birth and clan members are taught it for reserve purposes. It is mainly a defensive technique and it allows the user to create a strong force like shield out of water into a bubble like shape around themselves protecting anyone within the bubble of water. This ability is usable by the clan member even when they have lost their shells which hold the majority of their magical power, though it's effectiveness is halved without it.
Water Pulse-This ability allows the clan member to send out a pulse of water and is mainly used as a shock wave attack or defence and many clan members can link up this talent to create devastation and a fortified position. It is a blunt force technique though users have been able to utilise it in unforeseen ways.
Aqua tail-This ability allows the clan member to transform their tail into water and allows them to use it as a weapon and also as a source of water for their other water based abilities it also allows them to travel faster and has many other uses though only highly adept users can use it effectively for very long.
Rain Dance-This allows the user to control the weather to a limited extent and call forth rain and for more powerful practitioners full storms.
Hydro Pump-A more specialised form of the water gun ability clan members who learn to utilise this ability can create water within their shells and use it in much the same way as the tamer ability but can also hone it to the full effect of its range and grace.
Scald-Practitioners of this rare ability can heat up the water they control and send it at opponents in a steam of boiling water and create shields of steam around themselves. This ability was taught to them early on by the Charmander clan while working together during the wars against humanity though it remains a water based magical art. It is a hard ability for clan members to master and very few clan members have mastered it.  
Surf-This ability allows the clan member to intuitively move with the flow of the water and even direct great waves of water around their bodies for ease of movement in the water and as extensions of their own bodies for use in attack and defence.
Waterfall-The use of this ability is very rare and is only utilised by masters of the clan who have practised their abilities their entire lives. It allows the clan member to call forth a huge reserve of water to fall from a clear sky and bombard an area of the field wherever the caster desires. This is mainly used as a reserve ability.
Graceful leap-This ability allows the user to use their bodies like a blade and allows the master of this technique to move with perfect symmetry in their surroundings contained in a blue aura of power which becomes more powerful if the user is underwater as the water empowers the clan member allowing them to utilise the water along with their movements to great effect.
Lost Magic
Torrents of the abyss-This lost ability was said to contain the wrath of the seas themselves and the clan used this ability to drive humanity from Kanto in their first battle. It was a terrible attack and could sink armadas, though little else is known of it.
God of the storm-This ability was practised by the most powerful of the clan and imbued the entire clan with reserves of power and when going into battle created great storms as a way of beating an entire army into submission.
Animus-The animus of the clan has been lost to time as the clan has grown ignorant to their lost knowledge though some scrolls still exist depicting an immense form, the details are hazy as the scroll was partially burnt.
007-Squirtle Clan
And the squirtle clan is done. I had a lot of ideas about this clan but along with the other two it completes the entries for the three starters of Kanto that i wanted to be major parts of what happened before the setting of the story and i wanted them to be very different. 
The bulbasaurs were the pacifist guardians, the Charmanders were the war-like empire, and so the Squirtles became formed in my mind as the wise advisors and respected scholars. 
Anyway hope it's forming something here...........
#001-Bulbasaur Clan

Grass/Poison Elementals
Biology and appearance
The Bulbasaur clan or "Seed" clan are relatively small in stature. their skin pigment ranges from green to blue in colouring with many different ranges in pigment. They have dark patches around their body which show up as they age. They have three toes and three fingers that are flexible sharp thorn like claws. The clan's eyes are red irised while the sclera and pupils are pure white. They have sharp pointed teeth. The most distinctive feature of the Clan are the huge bulbs that grow from the creatures backs. When a new bulbasaur is born into the clan a seed is planted into a hole in the creatures back where it grows with the child and acts as an immune system for the individual. A Bulbasaur without a bulb may not live very long as they have a severely weakened immune system without it. The bulb also provides them with energy through photosynthesis as well as from the nutrient enriched seeds they create. The bulb on it's back also gives some Bulbasaurs long vine appendages to use for attack defence or even just as extra appendages for everyday use.  As a bulbasaur becomes an elder the bulb on it's back will start to absorb energy in preparation for metamorphosis. This will result in the Bulbasaur becoming a more advanced form, and the bulb will glow with a blue aura when this change starts. If a bulbasaur is unprepared or has no desire to become a member of the elite caste then they can struggle against this transformation, which will not happen to every member of the Bulbasaur clan.
The Clans are mainly all tamed and bred by humanity in the modern day with nothing but rumours of a few clans existing outside of human influence. They are one of the three clans most often partnered with young trainers in the Kanto region, because of their well-behaved nature from a lifetime of being domesticated by humanity. They are an extremely loyal clan, remaining loyal even after long separation from whoever holds this loyalty. They are excellent caretakers, with it's voice having a soothing ability to it.
Geographical clan locations
The Clans are bred in grassy areas and forested regions dependant on the breeder, and are bred in quite a few places around the Kanto region. Clans in the wild are now none-existent having been wiped out during the long war against the disparate clans and now being selectively bred for ownership by starter trainers, though some suggest not all the wild clans have been wiped out.
As a selectively bred species the female population is tightly controlled with the majority of the clan being male.
The Bulbasaur clan had it's start within the Kanto region at some time in the past. The exact location is unknown to paleontologists though they spread throughout the entirety of the region and had a vast territory being numerous and acting as the caregivers and guardians of the forested regions of Kanto for many years before humanity started to branch out and colonize the region. As humanity started to encroach on many different pokemon clan's territories the Bulbasaur clan remained neutral listening to the guidance of the wisest of their leaders, and instead sent out diplomats to the human tribes to try and reason with them.
The diplomats never returned and the Bulbasaur clan was forced further and further from their territories taking refuge in the deepest and most sacred of their forest realms for protection. During this time they sheltered many other pokemon clans that dwelt their. As the war with humanity raged on for over two hundred years and the mightier and more war-like clans started to falter the Bulbasaur clan was forced to end their neutrality and join the war in it's final days. The once respected guardians of the forests joined an alliance with what remained of the Squirtle and the Charmander clans and they struck back at the humans. The army of the three elementals fought bravely and fiercely during the final battle and they drove humanity to the brink of kanto's borders. It looked like they would win the day until humanity brought out a secret weapon. Humanity had never been able to utilise the magical energy of the world like the pokemon clans could and it hindered them greatly, but now they had learned how to utilise this asset and they used it in a way none of the clans could have predicted. They had crafted unholy relics of power out of red quartz stones they called void-balls and they used them on the last remnants of the three once mighty Kanto clans. A few survivors were able to escape but the remainder were shackled and imprisoned in these new devices of cold stone. They were tortured and dissected by the humans who used what they had learned to hone their own power and greed. The survivors of these experiments were taken to breeding pens were they were selectively bred and used as tools. Bulbasaur clan the former guardians of the forests of Kanto could do nothing but watch as their kingdoms were torn down and destroyed leaving very few ancient forests left in a region that had once been filled with greenery.
They were utilized as gardeners and farmers being little more than domestic slaves until the advent of the Pokemon League as the organisational body that arose near the end of the 19th century. This new organisation reorganised the clan assets of humanity and though some of the "domesticated clans" were left in the roles they had filled since their crippling enslavement by humanity centuries ago, the majority of the clans were reassigned as "Guardian weaponry" a term used for the pokemon who fought for human trainers.
The Bulbasaur clan was no exception and were bred in higher quantities by the League throughout the region though they genetically kept tight control of the females of the clan.
In celebration of the conquering and "civilizing" of the Bulbasaur clan they were set up as an example of humanities right over the Kanto region and were among the first three clan pokemon a trainer was given as their weapons along with their former allies during the Kanto alliance, the Squirtle clan and the Charmander clan.
The domesticated clans have lost all knowledge of their history beyond what is recorded by humanity and they are a very loyal clan to humanity in the present.
Rumour still abounds about what happened to the last survivors of the clan who escaped the final battle before being imprisoned by humans. The League insists that they were all hunted and wiped out over the subsequent years following the great gathering as it is known in human history. Some historians and Paleontologists believe otherwise having found evidence to the contrary and old nests and bones that are dated to a time after the great war that clearly belong to a clan of Bulbasaur. If they did survive after the war then they have gone into hiding in the deepest woods and forests of Kanto and have kept their population numbers small.
The Bulbasaur Clan like every other pokemon clan venerate and believe in a higher being of power that the clan refers to as the great oak. Though the clan has been domesticated to the point that they no longer practice the old faith and ritual they once did each member of the clan still plant a new oak tree every year in his honour if they are able.
They once venerated him as being the giver of wisdom and beauty and when an adolescent came of age and was gifted with a higher metamorphosys they attributed it to the great oak and a gathering was held beneath the mightiest oak of the forest where they are gathered by the Venusaur Chieftain who would invoke the right's of the flowering and help the Bulbasaur clan member's to attain metamorphosis. The practice was wiped out when the clan was domesticated and now the metamorphosis of the clan members is more clinical and less mystical within the clan.
The Clan can utilize a variety of plant elemental magical abilities. Among them are:
Leeching sprout-This ability is a common one among the clan and allows for the syphoning of another creatures energy to fortify the clan members own energy and to heal injuries while simultaneously harming the target it is used on. It is a powerful tool for the clan though they have rarely ever used it in an offensive capacity. Had they done so during the beginning of the great war they may not have been wiped out and enslaved.
Vines-The most commonly utilised tool of the clan the vines that are a sympathetic tool given to them by their symbiotic bulbs are used for almost everything the Bulbasaur clan requires. They can be used in an offensive of defensive capacity and when one is ripped from them another one grows in its place. It is a natural ability of their plant nature and they have grown dependant on these appendages.
Razored Leaves-A rare nature magic of the clan this talent allows the clan member to call forth razor sharp leaves to hurl like darts or to surround themselves with a barrier for protection. Rarer still are the members of the clan who can manifest larger leaves for use as daggers in a fight.
Synthesis-This ability is granted by the bulb of the clan and it utilises the rays of the sun to heal themselves and others to a limited capacity. It is an uncommon gift but one that many domesticated Bulbasaur have learnt. The rarer form of this gift allows the clan member to glow with an irradiating light using the synthesis as a shield against attack for a limited amount of time.
Solar Beam-This is a rare form of Synthesis in which the clan member can direct the solar energy absorbed during the synthesis and direct it as a blast of light through their hands at an opponent.
Energy Orb-This pure concentration of nature energy is a rare ability and only a few of the clan can perform it. The life energy of the plants surrounding the clan member coalesce in the hands of the practitioner and be used to either heal major damage or to cause great harm to an opponent when hurled at them.
Minor plant control-Some Bulbasaur have been known to be able to control the plant life around them and use them for defensive or offensive purposes. This is a very rare gift and since their domestication the ability has fallen out of use in the majority of the clan though a few still possess this ability.
Seed Bomb-This ability is the most rare of the nature magic afforded the clan without a metamorphosis change. It allows the clan member to concentrate their energy into a seed which they can shoot at a target causing an explosion of devastating affect dependant on the amount of energy input. It is rarely utilized by the clan though during the last great war it was one of the abilities used to force back the human advance into Kanto, though by this time it was too late and the clans fate was sealed.
The clan also has the ability to secrete a poisoning powder which they can use against opponents. It is secreted directly from their bulb and this poison was once used to heal the creatures of the forest with the creation of antidotes from the poisons secreted. The ability to do this has been lost to the domesticated clan but the secretion of the poison powder has not and all of the clan can still use this powder even when the rest of their nature magic has been drained. The clan also has access to a limited amount of poison based magic:
Sludge-Clan members can collect all the poison dust the currently have stored in their bulbs and hurl it at an opponent as a sludge like substance which can hinder an enemy and eliminate them in one move. This is a risky ability however as if a clan member loses all their magic this also deprives them of any poison dust they could use to defend themselves until their bulb builds up more.
Venom drench-This ability is less common than the sludge one. The clan member can liquify the poison within it's bulb and spray it around itself using it's vines creating a hazardous environment for his enemies.
Lost magic

When humanity defeated and enslaved the pokemon clans the greater magics of the different clans were lost.
For the Bulbasaur clan this included:
Mother Nature-A rare higher magic of the clan allowed a chosen member to utilize all the energy within the Kanto region itself. This power gave him legendary ability, though the extent of what the power allowed is not known as it has been lost in myth since the war.
Sunrise-This ability gave the clan member a higher form of synthesis which allowed them to run at the speed of sound and also greatly increased their agility and strength.
Animus-Like all the pokemon clans the Bulbasaur clan's greatest mages could access the animus form of the clan though this ability was seemingly lost.
001-Bulbasaur Clan
The first of my outlines of the many pokemon clans in the reboot. I'm not going to be doing these in order of the pokedex. I'll be doing them as and when the specific pokemon appear in the reboot. Next up will be Charmander, but for now I'm going to bed. Might edit this later......
Pokemon Remake

Episode 1: Pokemon-I Choose You!

The darkness lifts and the Nidorino shakes it's head and looks up in time to see the Gengar jumping at it. This creature of shadow looks like a human shadow. It's shape matching it's trainers so that it looks like his shadow come to life. The Nidorino growled at the creature and dodged to the side as it made contact with the ground where he'd been standing. After running halfway across the field the Nidorino skidded to a halt and turned to face his opponent who was crouched on the floor and looking at him with that infuriating smile.
The Nidorino looks around at the Stadium of fans all howling for blood, like feral beasts and he snarled. The Gengar lifted himself to his feet and tilted his head at The Nidorino. They were fighting in the League. He had fought many battles in this very arena against many Pokemon. It was a time honoured practice between the human Trainers and the Pokemon they wielded, and The Nidorino was well-versed in the sport. He was also tired of it. He crouched down low and growled at the Gengar while charging the horn on his head and he ran full on at him. The Gengar just stood there and at the last moment he jumped up placing a hand on his head and flipped over him as The Nidorino went sliding into the ground, placing his arms out to stop his fall. He shakes his head and looks back up at the Gengar and his infernal grin before snarling again. His legs shook as he stood up to face him again the sweat pouring down his face as he held out his claws ready to attack again. He shook himself again as he prepared to attack and the purple glow in the Gengar's hands barely registered for a moment. When he realised what was happening it was already over and he knew he'd lost. He ran at the Gengar even as his mind started to shut down and he found himself falling into darkness even before his body hit the ground and slid across the arena floor.
The Gengar looked up at the crowd as the howling got louder and his smile remained, even though there was nothing to smile about. He had no desire to fight in this arena, but his new master had thrust him into this position and he was forced to do so. He turned back to the prone form of the Nidorino as it glowed red and disappeared. He bowed his head to the man he had fought as he shot back into his trainers Void-Ball. The devises were an ingenious piece of science and magic that had been combined by the humans in order to "civilize" the disparate Pokemon of the world. The Nidorino would be held in an environment of his own creation while in the ball. Some thought it humane, but they could also be a personal hell.
He looked at the burly trainer on the other side of the arena as he pulled another Void-Ball from his belt and silently activated it and a white light struck the arena floor. In it's place rose a grey monolith like creature, huge in size and the Gengar backed up as it rose to it's full height.
The Onyx was a huge being with the body of a muscled man down to the waist and a snake like body below made entirely out of boulders. It's skin was like rock and a sharp crest of rock rose from it's forehead. It was a huge opponent and Gengar braced itself.
The tackle came out of nowhere the juggernaut moving faster than the Gengar would have thought possible, and he was only able to get out of it's way by a hairs-breadth. He slid to the side as the Onix smashed into the wall behind him. Dust caked the field as the Gengar jumped back up and turned sharply. He looked through the cloud of dust for his opponent and backed up. He tenses as he hears the Onix roar, and his hands glow with purple light again as the Onix hurtles towards him through the dust.

The television was the only light in the room as Ash Ketchum sat glued to the screen. The League battle was being broadcast on the League Championship Channel, and he was riveted. He was a sixteen year old boy from Pallet Town and he was fascinated with the Pokemon. He had been fascinated with these creatures ever since he was a small boy and the League was his favourite show. He had just landed a job working for one of the leading scientist-mages in the field of Pokemon study and his first day was tomorrow. He would receive a Pokemon field partner the next day and make the first steps in a world he had previously only dreamt about and he was excited. Watching the Pokemon fight on the screen was like watching gods fight one another. He was enthralled with the abilities they displayed. Magic was a world-wide ability and humans had learnt to cultivate it's properties centuries ago, but Pokemon were another thing entirely and the abilities they had were so far beyond what most mages could achieve that Ash was in awe that humanity had ever been able to control them let alone keep that control. It was a mystery to him how such creatures could possibly be beholden to Humanity with such power.
His mother enters the room as he finds himself stuck in his revery.
"Ash, you know it's nearly eleven o'clock! You start you'r job tomorrow. Get to sleep"
Ash smiled at her and gets up off his bed
"I'm too excited to sleep mom. Do you know how long i've waited for this chance?" He hugs her in his excitement about his new job and she chuckles as she pulls him away.
She looks towards the Television and sees what's on the screen as the onix rises up and roars and she quickly changes the channel. Her look becomes stern.
"Fine! you're excited i get it. But as a compromise watch this instead" The screen now shows an oldish man talking "You could use the research for when you start tomorrow. Pokemon aren't just League heavyweights. You could learn a lot from this"
She moves to the door as Ash slumps back down on the bed and turns as she goes to shut his door
"Oh and get some sleep after you've finished watching it. Goodnight honey!"
"Goodnight mom!" Ash smiled at her as he turned back to the screen.
The man was professor Oak his new boss, it was a local channel which was used as Oak's station to circulate information about the different species of Pokemon. Today's show was showcasing three different types. The Kanto elementals, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.
Ash looked on with slight boredom as he watched and quickly fell asleep with the television set still on.

The dream was instant. Ash found himself standing in a room with some kind of spotlight on him. He took a step forward as the room shook and three spotlights suddenly burst forth in front of him revealing three silhouetted shapes. He wasn't the only one in the room.
The first was a slouched individual who looked like the cross between a human and a frog with red eyes and a huge bulb on it's back. He looked angry.
The second was a light blue boy with a shell around his midriff and a bald head. It looked confused as it looked at Ash.
The third was a lizard-like man with a slowly wagging tail who was orange in complexion. His tail was ignited with a slowly burning flame and his claws were out ready to attack.
"Hello" ash called out as if waiting for a response from the three elementals. They all lunged as Ash ducked to the side. The fire elemental stood over him growling as Ash felt the ground. His hand clasped around a spherical object and he looked down to see a Void-Ball in front of him. He jumped up and threw the ball at the fire elemental as the water and earth elementals backed away.
There was a flash of red and suddenly Ash woke up.

He lunged out of bed and found himself frowning in confusion. The television set was still on playing adverts in the background and he looked across his room as if expecting to see the Charmander ready to attack.
He looked down at the floor and noticed his smashed alarm-clock on the floor. It was in the shape of a Voltorb probe, spherical in shape. It clicked together and he looked at the smashed pieces.
"Crap!" he exclaimed as he scooped to pick up the shattered remains.
Looking up at the clock he realises he's late for his first day at work and he run's from his room taking the stairs two at a time as he run's towards the front door.
"What's all the racket?" His mom called from the kitchen.
Ash glanced behind him as he flung the front door open and ran, "No time mom! I'm late, love ya.....see ya.....Bye!"
"Wait! You're still in your BED CLOTHES!" She shouted as he ran down the path. He didn't hear her, and she shook her head as she headed back inside.

Outside Professor Oak's laboratory a crowd of people have gathered around Oak and a young man. The man is Gary the grandson of Oak and a protege. He winks at a group of girls, and they swoon and almost faint. A news crew is there and everyone is excited about the new breakthrough's being created by Oak and his new appointment in his grandson to become a field agent for him.
Suddenly Ash bursts through the crowd and knocks into Gary and they both go flying. He get's up and shakes his head
"Sorry!" Ash says as he looks up and realises it's Gary Oak. He's a minor Celebrity in Pallet Town and Ash shrinks slightly under his gaze.
"Sorry? Really kid?" Gary says as he brushes himself off and stands up. "You are aware you're wearing pyjama's right?" He folds his arms as he looks at Ash.
Ash looks down at himself and starts to blush. More so when he hears the group of cheerleaders laughing at him and he back's off into the crowd, watching as the news crew take pictures and finish up their interview with the young Gary. He exclaims so everyone could hear that he would make Pallet Town famous when he became a member of the League and became the ultimate pokemon trainer. Oak just looked on with a stern look.
Of course Gary was a celebrity. He was handsome and brave, with a strong chin and deep green eyes. His brown hair was always perfectly spiked and his fashion sense was impeccable. On the other hand Ash was lanky and pale. His hair was a mess and he hadn't brushed his teeth. Oh yeah......and he was wearing a raggy t-shirt and pyjama bottom's with no shoes. The differences between the two seemed a mile wide.
As the interview finished the reporters started to disperse and Gary exchanges a few words with his grandfather before turning and leaving. He get's in his car, a red sports-car and drives off.
Oak turned and looked at Ash before heading back inside, shouting over his shoulder, "Well do you want this job or not? Follow me!"
Ash quickly followed the old man through the doors of the lab and through the foyer. They walk through the long corridor to Oak's main laboratory at the back of the complex. The computers and terminals give off a blue glow as they pass by lab assistants. Oak checks in with a few while Ash follows behind him timidly. They stop in a small room at the back which is Oak's office. It holds a small desk with three void-Balls on its surface and Oak turns back to Ash with the stern look still present on his face.
"I gave you this job, because i thought you were up to the task, Ash! Proper attire is required!" He looks at his watch, "And time management! Why are you late?"
Ash hangs his head, "I'm sorry professor! I was too excited to sleep, and my alarm clock didn't go off." Ash thought about the broken clock sitting on his desk and he smiled. It wasn't exactly a lie.
Oak regarded him with his blue eyes and sat at his desk. He wore a white lab-coat and casual clothes underneath. His hair was white and short and his face was a hard-lined one. He was stern but the tell-tale signs of smile-lines gave away his usual mood. He was a respected Professor in Pallet Town and an expert with Pokemon.
"Sit down Ash!" Oak said as he pulled out a pen and started to write in a journal open before him.
Ash sat and looked around him at the room. His eyes lingered on the void-balls in front of him and Oak noticed his gaze.
"These balls are empty Ash!" He said, "If you were here on time, you would have been present for the briefing. I have hired four field operatives for expeditionary work. You are one of them. The pokemon held in these balls are now partnered to the three trainee's who turned up on time."
He turned back to his book and started writing again.
"Does that mean I'm fired, before I've even started?" Ash asked in a quiet voice.
Oak looked up at Ash and a small smile appeared on his face, "No Ash! Let's just call it a first warning." He put away his journal and stood up, "I wan't you to head out into the surrounding region's of Kanto and research different sub-species of Pokemon for me. Their habits, behaviour and such thing's. I have hired you because I see a little of myself in you, when I was younger." He looked intensely at Ash.
Ash nodded and looked down. The old man's stare was intense and he looked like there was something more behind his words.
"How can I study Pokemon when I have no pokemon partner?" Ash asked, "Everyone knows that "Wild" Pokemon attack any human without a Pokemon guide"
Oak smiled again and sat down at his chair again, "Really now? Do they? It sound's like everyone should get out more, doesn't it?
"So are you sending me out to see if it's true? Without a partner?" The look on Ash's face was utter shock. He trusted Oak knew what he was talking about and he believed the old man knew more about pokemon than anyone else he'd ever met but he was asking him to go out and confront them by himself. He'd always been a rudimentary pupil in magic-practical at school and he'd never chosen a path of study to go down, which is why he was so thrilled to have this opportunity. Positions like this were normally reserved for elite seeker class mages. He had only got one star on his final magical exam and only because he had a natural aptitude when it came to magical protection.
Oak looked at him for a moment before he burst out laughing. As he did, he waved his hand over the centre of his desk and the middle of the wooden surface cracked down the middle and a fourth Void-Ball emerged from within.
"I never said i was sending you out alone dear boy!" he said as he wiped his eyes from laughing so hard, "Excuse me, the look on your face was priceless"
Ash looked at the Void-Ball and was fascinated. This little ball was different from the others. It was white and red with the shiny ruby colouring of a normal Void-Ball. The ruby was a blood-quartz stone which stored the energy of a pokemon within the Sphere in a simulated environment made from the creatures own sub-consciousness. It was sympathetic magic and with the advent of the technological age the Void-Balls had been updated with a security system that made it harder for the creatures within to escape. This was the white portion of the balls which held a virtual intelligence, sort of like an internal caretaker for the Pokemon held in the environment. The intersection between the Quart's stone and the V-I units held the converter matrix which was able to convert a Pokemon's body into a higher form of energy for storage. This ball had a lightning mark on it's converter unit however, and the Quartz section was badly cracked.
He looked up at Oak and noticed how he was looking at him. It was as if he was looking at a long lost friend, until he realised that Ash was looking at him and he composed his face into a serene look.
"This is the only Partner still available!" He said pointing at the ball in the centre of the table, "I found him not far from here, wandering alone and he is rather a handfull as evidenced by the state of this Void-Ball! He doesn't like being contained! I promised him that he wouldn't have to stay inside much longer!"
He gave Ash a meaningful look, and it caught him off-guard. A pokemon outside of a Void-Ball. He'd never heard of a "tamed" pokemon being allowed to stay outside of one before. They were designed to keep Pokemon tamed. A pokemon who stayed outside of a pokeball for too long had a tendency to become Wild again,
"Is that wise Professor?" He asked.
Oak smiled again and leaned forward, "Between you and me Ash. I wouldn't believe all the propaganda the League dishes out about Pokemon! I learn't a long time ago to question everything you know about Pokemon!" He leaned back again, "Anyway I'm going off on a tangent, wouldn't you like to meet your new Partner?"
It was Ash's turn to lean forward as he looked from Oak to the Void-Ball and put out his hand to pick it up. The Ball quivered under his touch with a surge of energy and Ash could feel the power within it. He was excited but scared at the same time about releasing the entity inside. A flash-back of the previous nights dream rose up in his mind and he momentarily had images of a Charmander breathing fire at him. He flinched and Oak raised an eyebrow at him.
"Don't be scared Ash, this is the start of your journey. I see a bright future ahead of you." He stood up and crossed his arms as Ash held the ball at arm's length, "Now go ahead. Release your partner."
Ash nodded and touched the lightning mark on the Void-Ball and a sudden burst of white light enveloped the room as the blood quartz stone shattered into pieces and the rest of the ball sparked with electricity. Ash dropped the charred remains on the floor and backed up as the figure of white light coalesced into a person......or rather a Pokemon.
The figure rose from it's crouched position and sparked with electricity. It was a humanoid mouse, with yellow fur covering it's entire body. It stood on elongated wolf-like legs and it's arms were finely muscled with sharp claws on the ends of it's fingers. It's ears were feline and pointed up to black tips and they were twitching around the room as if searching for any nearby sounds. His face was human enough apart from the deep black eyes and the red spots on his cheeks from which whiskers sprouted. His tail was shaped like a lightning bolt and was raised with sparks of electricity emanating from it, and two brown stripes crossed his back. He was lithe and lightly muscled which was much more evident because of his tensed stance. The only piece of clothing he wore, was a pair of corduroy trousers which were heavily frayed and held up by a piece of string.
He flexed his hands and a deep growl started in his chest as he straightened himself and looked at Oak. He relaxed slightly and Ash shuffled towards him an inch. Suddenly his ears twitched in Ash's direction and the creature lurched it's gaze directly at Ash. He snarled at him and an electrical discharge erupted from his cheeks.
"It's ok!" Oak said as he held his hands up to the creature and inched forwards keeping himself in full view of the Pokemon so that he wasn't a threat, "He won't hurt you! This is Ash." He looked at Ash "Ash this is your new partner, he's a Pokemon of the Pikachu clan."
Ash was amazed as he looked at the Pikachu. It was a wonder to behold and he stepped further towards the Pikachu holding out his hand
"Hi!" he said as he stood there waiting for the Pikachu to take his hand.
It looked at his hand for a moment before grabbing it with his clawed hand suddenly and letting out a jolt of electricity. Ash is stunned for a moment and falls to the floor as the Pikachu gives a smug grin. The attack only fazed Ash though and he shakes it off and stands up again shaking himself. The Pikachu tilts it's head to appraise him before turning to Oak.
"Why night?"
Ash's eye's went wide in surprise as he looked from the Pikachu to Oak.
"Ash here has a special aptitude for withstanding extraordinary elemental and magical attacks!" He explained looking at the Pikachu. He then turned to Ash and raised his eyebrows again, "Like I said Ash you have a lot to learn about the true nature of the Pokemon clans."
Ash was shocked and awed. The Pikachu could talk? How was that possible? The League had always made it clear that the Pokemon were incapable of speech other than the incomprehensible repeating of the respective clan names to which each belonged. Now, Oak was showing him a Pikachu who could actually form words, and Ash was astounded. He found himself staring at the pokemon and Oak and his mouth opened and closed as he tried to think of something to say.
Pikachu looked at Ash puzzled and then back at Oak.
"Is he......Broken?" He asked innocently.
Oak laughed and put an arm around the young Pokemon and steered him closer to Ash.
"No my friend he's simply shocked. Everything he has learnt about your kind has been filtered through centuries of League Propaganda! You see Ash is fascinated by Pokemon but he is also fearful of the very nature of your kind!" He looked into the Pikachu's innocent face and continued, "A nature that has been reported as Savage. The League states that the only way to control your kind is to shackle your will to a trainer, a guardian so to speak. To use your natural talents as they see fit."
The Pikachu scrunched it's face slightly as it thought about this. Ash still gaped at the two of them confused at everything that was happening.
"You ask.......Pii'Chana to do same....for stupid here?" the Pikachu said as he pointed at Ash, who was still dumb-founded.
Oak sighed and looked at them both as he leaned back against his desk.
"Not exactly, Pii'Chana." He said, "I'm asking both of you to do something I have been unable to do. I hired Gary and the others because it was expected of me. They came top in all of their classes. They excelled at Magical training to the point of excellence, everything a natural guardian needs to succeed in dominating the different Pokemon clans." He looked at Ash who had finally stopped gaping and was looking at Oak expectantly, "Ash on the other hand was one of the lowest scoring students in Magical training, if not for his natural grasp of magical countering he would have failed entirely."
Ash hung his head as he was reminded that he was completely unsuited for being a trainer. A guardian as he always wanted to be. He slumped until Oak put a hand on his shoulder and continued.
"This is why I chose you, Ash!" He said, "You are not the typical League approved student. You haven't been hooked completely into the League's view-point of the world. The other three field-assistants were sent out to study Pokemon just as I am sending you. But they will look at things through filtered eye-sight were as I am hoping you will see things as they are, and help me to get a wider view of the different Pokemon clans of the world. Will you accept this task?"
Ash sat down hard, and let out a sigh "Yes Professor! I suppose i will"
"And you Pii'Chana?" Oak asked the Pikachu, "Will you enter into a pact with Ash here of your own free will, to help him and protect him on his journey?"
Pikachu looked at the Professor who had found him wandering in the forest's bordering Pallet Town, after he had been cut off from his small Pikachu clan and he processed his words. A small part of him registered a resonance with the usage of the term "Pact" and he took his time thinking about his response. He didn't trust this "Ash" and he wasn't entering into an agreement with the moron, so that he could be shackled to a human with a superiority complex.
"No.....orb! No......Red..Prison?" He asked.
Ash looked at him and nodded "No Void-Ball!" He said in a whisper of a voice.
Oak stood and reached his hands out to both Ash and Pii'Chan "Is the Pact sealed?" He said as he looked at them both expectantly.
Pikachu and Ash appraised each other for a second and then in unison held out their hands and shook the proferred hands of the Professor together. A spark of electricity passed from the Pikachu into Oak and then into Ash as they shook and the Professor glowed for a second and his back arched. It happened instantly and after it was over the professor slumped back on to his desk.
Both Ash and Pii'Chana jumped forwards to catch him, and when Pii'Chana growled at Ash, he backed away and let the Pokemon carry him to his chair.
The professor slumped into his chair and ushered Pii'Chan away.
"I'm fine! The spell just took a lot out of me" He stated.
Ash frowned, "Spell?" He asked.
Oak looked up at him, "Yes a spell, Ash. One of the oldest spells, and one of the simplest to perform. It does require a lot of energy however and I am not a young man." He groaned as he shifted in his chair. "It is called the Pact! It is a verbal contract between you both! You are now linked to one-another. Your Destinies intertwined."
Ash and Pii'Chana exchanged a look of distrust, and Oak sighed.
"You may not trust each other, but trust me you will in time!" The professor closed his eyes as he continued, "Now, down to business!"
Oak felt along his desk with his hands and opened a draw in it's side. He felt inside for a few seconds until he found a red hand-held computer pad and six Void-Balls. He brought each out in turn and deposited them on his desk in front of him.
"These will help you on your journey. I crafted the Void-Balls myself, you'll have to learn to craft them yourself after you have used these. It's a simple ritual which I'm sure you have seen done many times in magical theory class?"
"Yes professor!" Ash replied. He was being swept away by the sudden turn of events, and he hadn't even started his journey yet. The crafting of a Void-Ball was complex and Ash had never passed the theory on this practice, he always got confused over what came next after the initial steps.
"Good!" Oak replied as he lifted himself to his feet. Pii'Chana hovered over him in case he needed help and Oak shooed him away, "I'm fine!" He stated as he walked back around the desk, "The Void-Ball has more uses than simply transporting Pokemon. League guardian's are taught to invoke certain spells on the Quartz to quell the sentient speech centre of the creatures brain's. You will not need to invoke it, when you craft you're own versions. The first two steps of the ritual is all that is needed, every step after is in essence a leash designed to shackle and control the creature within. Do you understand?"
Ash nodded and took the Void-Balls off the desk examining them closely. They looked like every other Void-ball he had seen.
"The computer pad is a cataloguing A.I. The technology is fairly new. It is an Avatar if you will. I created it myself." Oak swelled with pride as he stated this, the scientist in him basking in his own genius, "I call it Dex. It has a collective knowledge of all the Pokemon Clans found within Kanto. He will guide you both on you're journey." He turned towards the device, "Would you like to introduce yourself Dex?"
A glowing blue light flared up on the middle of the computer and a small hologram of Professor Oak erupted into life standing on the small computer.
"Hello. I am Dex, Computer Genius extraordinaire at your service." He stated before giving a flamboyant bow.
Ash laughed as he watched the small replica of Oak. It started to pick it's nose and Oak coughed, and looked at it angrily. It stopped immediately and looked sheepish before disappearing again back into the small red pad. Ash picked it up off the desk and looked back at Oak, wondering if there was anything else he needed before they could set out on their journey. He was anxious to get started now he'd heard so much from the professor.
"Now if you'll both follow me!" the professor said, heading out of the office and through his lab. Ash and Pii'Chan regarded each other before following him out through the lab and outside.
"There you are!" came a voice to Ash's right. He looked and saw his mom rushing forwards with a backpack slung over her shoulder. She looked young for a mother with dark brown hair and a youthful complexion. She was the same height as Ash and her eyes were blue like his. She was dressed casually and her hair was tied back in a quick ponytail. Ash blushed in mortification as his mom reached them. His first day heading out for the Professor and he got a visit from his mother as well as turning up at the lab in his pyjamas.
"Mom?" He exclaimed as he stared at her in horror.
Pii'Chana chuckled as he looked on at the scene, and Oak just looked at the exchange between the mother and son.
Ash wished the ground would swallow him whole as his mother stopped in front of him.
"You forgot you're thing's dear. I wasn't sure what you'd need, so I just packed the essentials." She said as she took the backpack off her shoulder, "Two changes of clothes, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Bottles of water, etc." She held it out expectantly and after some mumbling Ash took the bag placed the Void-Balls and Dex inside and slung it over his back. His mother then took a zip-bag from her handbag and handed it to him.
"You might want to get changed too dear" She said as she looked at him sternly, "You left in such a hurry this morning, you didn't get changed out of you're bed clothes. Honestly Ash i raised you better than this. Where does this air-headedness come from. I despair."
Ash hung his head and mumbled an apology as Oak crossed his arms and smiled, and Pikachu practically doubled over in laughter while spark's of electricity shot out of both cheeks.
His mom turned to Oak and Pii'Chana and nodded.
"Samuel" She says in way of greeting, "And who is this young Pikachu?"
Ash looked up gaping again, and Pikachu stopped laughing suddenly tilting his head up at Professor Oak.
Oak simply nodded back and replied, "Hello Delia" He turns and gestures to Pii'Chan, "This is Pii'Chana, Ash's new partner."
Delia smiled and looked at Pii'Chan as Ash frowned at the proceedings. His mother was on first name basis with the Professor and had never told him.
"Hello," Delia said as she took another zip-bag from her bag and held it out for the Pikachu, "Here, you go. Another set of clothes that should fit you. Those trousers look like they've seen better day's dear."
The Pikachu stared at her for a moment before accepting the bag of clothes and nodding his head.
She smiled as he took the bag and turned back to Ash, "Right now go and get changed out of those clothes," She looked between him and Pii'Chana, "Both of you!"
They looked at each other and back at Delia.
Oak just stood to the side and folded his arms.
Suddenly Delia enveloped Ash in a hug, "I'll miss you, Honey. Good luck with your journey. I know you'll do me proud."
Ash blushes as he and Pii'Chana head inside to get changed ready for the journey ahead, leaving Delia and the Professor outside. As the two head inside Delia turns to the professor.
"Your sure he's ready?" She asks with a concerned look on her face.
Oak smiles, "I am Delia. His journey will be hard, but he'll get through it, and those two will make a great team.

Later on Ash and Pii'Chana have started their journey and are walking along a path down Kanto Route 1.
Ash is now wearing a new pair of jeans, black and white trainers, a black t-shirt with a blue and white short sleeve shirt, a pair of green fingerless gloves and a red and white baseball cap. His backpack was slung over his shoulder.
Pii'Chana on the other hand was dressed in black skinny jeans, a black vest top with a red and white short-sleeve shirt and a pair of white trainers.
They walked on in silence for a while before Ash turned to the Pikachu and stopped him from walking any further.
"Look, is this how it's going to be the entire time? Because we've been walking for at least twenty minutes in complete silence now"
Pii'Chana just looked at him for a moment with his ears twitching before he leaned forwards until both of their faces were mere inches apart.
"Me no like you......Bozo!" He said before he moved around Ash and carried on walking.
Ash shook his head in frustration and walked behind him, "This is useless" he said to himself, "He may as well be in a Void-Ball."
Suddenly the Pikachu turns and grabs Ash by the collar lifting a fist into the air and Ash's eyes widened in surprise.
"Pii'Chana never.......back in.....Orb" He said before letting Ash go and turning sharply away from him.
Ash shook himself off and walked on.
"Woo boy! That one has a temper doesn't he" Dex stated from Ash's pocket, "Can't say I blame him though. Some pokemon have bad experiences inside Void-Balls. Sometimes the worst kind of hells are the ones we make ourselves, or at least that's what they say"
Ash thought about this for a moment. He'd never known that. Void-Balls were meant to be the perfect environment for Pokemon.
They carried on walking for another ten minutes in silence, as Ash followed the Pikachu. He doesn't say anything else until a figure descends from the sky and lands in a nearby clearing.
Ash ran forwards yelling for Pii'Chana's attention as he watched the figure stand up and look around. It was a brown Avian-humanoid with cream coloured feathers down it's front a tail of feathers and clawed hands and feet. A crest of three feathers sprouted up it's forehead and were tied back into a ponytail behind its head and it's eyes looked out from black facial markings. It wore a loin-cloth of feathers and as it reared up it folded it's wings behind it's back and looked around. It hadn't noticed Ash and the Pikachu yet.
Pii'Chana turned as Ash called him and looked at the Avian Pokemon with disinterest.
"So?" He asked as Ash looked at it in wonder, "It's clan Pidgey, No fuss!"
"I've never seen one up close before!" Ash said as he crouched down low.
"If I may" Dex said from his pocket. Ash brought him out and held him up flipping his screen open. The holographic display of Dex's screen lit up with the information about Clan Pidgey, the holographic image of Dex appeared as a replica of the Pidgey in front of them, "Clan Pidgey are an avian sub-species of Pokemon. Known as the "Tiny Bird" they are known to be one of the gentlest and most passive of all the Avian pokemon clans. This being said they have great control over the elements of air and can create powerful gusts of wind even being known to form tornadoes."
Ash nodded as he looked over at Pii'Chana.
"Let's go talk to it!" He said.
Pii'Chana just shrugged, "You go." He walked over to a nearby tree and sat down folding his arms behind his head, "Me here....Should be...much entertaining!"
Ash scowled at Pii'Chana. He wasn't being helpful and Ash didn't see that changing any time soon. He turned back towards the Pidgey and inched forwards towards him. The Pidgey noticed him approach and it's wings suddenly jerked from behind his back and flapped. Ash held his arms out in front of him, trying as best he could to act none-threatening.
As he got closer he tried to reassure the Pidgey, "It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk."
The Pidgey narrowed his eyes and studied Ash's face and then turned his head noticing the Pikachu for the first time. Pii'Chan tilted his head and let a burst of electricity escape from his cheeks and the Avian took this as a sign of imminent attack and spread his wings wide bringing them out in front of him.
As he did so a burst of wind formed up in front of him and flung Ash backwards as a mini-tornado formed and quickly dissipated between him and the Pidgey. He fell down in front of Pii'Chana and groaned.
The Pikachu started laughing as he watched Ash struggle to get back up.
"Funny Idiot!" Pii'Chana stated, "No Fun....fight Pokemon, is it?"
Ash scowled at his so called partner and looked back at the Pidgey which was studying him cautiously. He hefted his backpack off his shoulders and dumped it by the side of Pii'Chan before heading back towards the Avian. The Avian's wings flapped slightly at his sides as he looked at Ash with a nervous apprehension. Ash steps forwards and a Void-Ball falls from his pocket to rest in front of him. The Pidgey looks at it and his eyes go wide as he sees the red-quartz flash in the light. His wings flap again and he kicks up his legs as he swoops into the sky. A massive blast of sand envelopes Ash as he lifts his arms to cover his face. The sand dissipates and Ash is left there covered in dust and sand.
"Oh yeah. Pidgey are also adept at Sand-attack's to make an escape!" Dex pipes up from Ash's pocket.
"Now you tell me," Ash says as he pick's up the fallen Void-Ball and turns around to head back towards Pii'Chana.
Pii'Chan is smiling at the scene and as Ash heads back to him he notices a strange creature rifling through his backpack. He stopped and looked at the thing.
It was covered with purple fur, and it walked with a twitchy gait. It had clawed hands and feet and a long tail that was twitching from side-to-side. It's ears were large and round and it had two long fine whiskers protruding from either cheek. It's eyes were red and it's overbite was huge, with two big front-teeth extending out of it's mouth.
"Hey," Ash shouted as he ran for his bag. The creature looked up suddenly and narrowed it's eyes running away on all fours before rising up again a couple of metres away and regarding Ash quizzically.
Ash picked up his bag and re-zipped it lifting it back onto his back as Pii'Chana lifted himself from his sitting position and regarded the rodent.
"Tatatatatatatatatata" the rodent chanted towards them.
Ash took Dex from his pocket, "What is that?" He asked.
Dex flashed up on the screen and this time his holographic image assumed the form of the purple rodent creature.
"Clan Rattata, a forest dwelling clan of Pokemon. Known as the "Mouse", or "Rat" clan they live on a diet of cheese, nuts, fruit and berries. Inquisitive in nature they will come out into the open to steal food from unsuspecting travellers."
The Rattata gave another chant before disappearing into the tree-line again.
Ash shook his head and put Dex back into his pocket and giving Pii'Chana a withering look. They were off to a lousy start, attacked by a Pidgey and then an attempted theft from a Rattata. He could just imagine the look on Professor Oak's face reading that report.
Ash turned and started walking further ahead as Pii'Chana sauntered along behind him.
Further along the clearing opens up into a wide field and Pii'Chana and Ash stopped in their tracks. The field was teeming with a Pidgey Clan. Their were children interspersed between the older adults and they all seemed to be chanting at each other. To ash all it sounded like was pid-pid-pid-pid-pid, it was nonsensicle.
He turned to Pii'Chana.
"I thought Oak said wild pokemon could talk, like you?" he asked.
Pii'Chana looked at him sarcastically, "Your language harsh....Hard to learn. Oak teach me!" He pointed to the Pidgey's, "They speak......Pidgey language!"
"He's right Ash!" Dex piped up from his pocket, "Each pokemon clan has it's own diverse language, the Pidgey Clan speak "Pidish" so called for the most common sound heard."
Ash nodded as he took this in. Not only were Pokemon smart enough to speak, but now he found out they had a language of their own. He was astounded.
As they stood their a winged figure ascended into the group of other Pidgey's and the chanting became more rushed. Ash noticed the new arrival was the same Pidgey from earlier, but he was too late to hide as the entire Clan turned to look at both him and Pii'Chana.
Ash ducked down low expecting an attack while Pii'Chana tensed up and spread his legs wide getting into a defencive stance as he turned to Ash and sneered, "What... are you doing?" He asked.
"What does it look like I'm doing?" Ash said with his head between his legs, "I'm protecting myself!"
Pii'Chana shook his head and turned back to the Clan who were all studying him. He charged his cheeks up and let out a threatening amount of electricity making his point clear.
In unison the Pidgey clan extended their wings and shot into the sky flying away across the tree-tops. Ash gets up off the floor as Pii'Chan gives him a cocky look and gets up from his stance to stand with his arms folded.
As Ash stands he notices another Crouched Avian near the back of the clearing and he points at it.
"One stayed behind" He remarks looking at Pii'Chana.
The smug look on the Pikachu's face gets wider as he turns to Ash, "Watch this!" He says as he saunters forwards towards the bird.
He held out his hand and let loose a small spark of electrical energy which struck the ground at the figure's feet, and Pii'Chan stopped waiting for the remaining figure to fly away in fear of attack.
As he watched however the Avian turned around and rose to it's full height.
It was bulkier than a Pidgey with sharper claws on it's hands and feet. It's body was black with a cream coloured patch of hardened feather's running down it's chest and a mane of dark brown feathers bordering it's fierce face. It's wings were bright red and as it stood they extended out behind it to an impressive size.
Pii'Chana took a step back as Ash brought Dex back out.
The screen now showed a representation of the fearsome looking Avian.
"I advise caution, in this situation! This is Clan Spearow! Another "Tiny bird" pokemon clan, unlike Clan Pidgey, they are a lot more aggressive and they have a terrible attitude. "Wild" clans will sometimes attack humans and "Tamed" pokemon. They're war-like in nature and respect strength. Good luck!" with that he shut himself down again and Ash placed him back in his pocket.
"What do we do?" Ash asked Pii'Chana as they both backed away.
The Spearow extended it's wings and ran at them screeching. Ash and Pii'Chana turned and ran for it. The Avian leapt from the ground and swooped over them clawing at them both as it passed over. It caught Pii'Chana across his shoulder and ripped through his shirt, and blood erupted from the wound. The Pikachu staggered as he fell, clutching at the scratch. Ash stopped and ran to his side.
"PIKA!" The Pikachu shouted.
"Language!" Dex stated from Ash's pocket.
The Spearow swerved in the air and headed back towards them with it's claws extended. Pii'Chana leered at him and rose pushing Ash away. He growled ad ran at the bird, charging his cheeks.
He jumped and the two collided in the air as a charge of electricity burst forth in front of the Pikachu and the Spearow screeched.
Pii'Chana landed in a crouching position as the Spearow crashed to the ground in front of him. It raised it's head and regarded the Pikachu before raising it's head and Screeching again.
Pii'Chana's ears twitched backwards as his head slowly turned and Ash looked in the direction he was looking. As he watched a huge flock of winged humnanoid's suddenly emerged from a huge tree and swooped into the air. They looked at each other as the flock of Avian's banked sharply and descended upon them. The Spearow on the floor started to stagger to it's feet.
"Shit!" Ash cursed.
"Pika!" Pip cursed?
They both ran for it, hurtling past the clearing as fast as they could being chased by the flock of Spearow. The faster they ran the faster the swarm of Spearow got and eventually Pii'Chana was miles ahead of Ash. As he struggled to keep up with his partner the flock swooped down and claws swiped down at the running Pikachu. He carried on running as razor sharp talons cut him repeatedly. Eventually the claws become too much for Pii'Chana to withstand and he collapses under the strain of running away. As Ash reaches him the flock swirl around the two of them and ready themselves to plunge down on the two of them.
Ash looks up at the relentless flock of Pokemon above him and grabs Pii'Chana' arm raising him from the ground and supporting his weight on his shoulder. Looking around him he started to panic. There was no way out of this situation and it looked like there destiny was to die out here half an hour out of Pallet Town.
Suddenly he spotted a winding river in front of them with a waterfall cascading into what looked like a small lake and he quickly ran straight towards it. As the flock descended upon them once more he lunged into the river plunging Pii'Chana along with him. They hit the water hard and the icy cold water cascaded over Ash submerging him as he lost hold of Pii'Chana in the deep water. He was swept along by the water as his head surfaced. He looked around in a panic for Pii'Chana but he couldn't see him anywhere. He paddled as he got closer to the waterfall and as the water dragged him over the fall he screamed.
The fall was exhilarating and as he splashed into the lake he brushed past a large creature. His eyes opened involuntarily and he found himself staring at a wide-open fish mouth. The creature looked at him with large eyes and swam past, it's red scales glistening as it passed. It was followed by a merman, looking thing which shared the same red scales as the fish and Ash frowned in confusion. He swept his eyes across the lake until he spotted the yellow fur of Pii'Chana and swam towards it.
As he came closer he noticed a huge blue sea-serpent heading towards the unconscious Pikachu and he swam faster. The sea-serpent opened it's jaws as it neared and Ash grabbed hold of Pii'Chana. He concentrated as hard as he could and held his unoccupied hand behind him in the water. He'd never been very good in magic practical but he was hoping when it came to saving his own life he could pull this off.
The water behind his hand shot back and Ash and Pikachu blasted through the lake out of the path of the huge creature that had been barrelling down on them just as it snapped it'jaws shut.  
He swam as fast as he could to the surface of the lake but found himself caught on a sharp point which had snagged in his backpack and jerked in panic, the still unconscious Pikachu going limp in his arms.

The girl was fishing on the side of the lake. She was wearing denim shorts and a simple yellow vest-top while lounging in a chair. Her hair was fiery red and held up in pigtails, to keep it out of her face and she had her fishing rod set up at her side.
She'd been travelling for days now and this was her chance to relax. She lounged back and closed her eyes.
Suddenly her fishing rod started to pull on something. She'd got a bite.
She grabbed it from it's holster and pulled back on the rod. It lurched forwards as she was nearly taken off her feet.
"Hmm a big catch!"
She set her feet hard on the ground and held her rod out taught. Her eyes glowed blue and she sent the energy into the rod, and then pulled on the rod once more.
The levitation spell worked perfectly as always and the energy flowed through the rod down under the water pulling her catch out of the water in a wide arc before depositing it on the ground at her side.
She looked at it bemused for a moment and then frowned. It was a boy!
"What the hell!" She exclaimed.
He spluttered up water as she approached him.
"Thanks" He finally croaked out.
"You're welcome!" She said still confused, "Why were you in there?"
She noticed the other figure at the boys side and as it slumped over she gasped in surprise.
"What the hell have you done?" She ran forwards and inspected the Pikachu at the boys side, "He should be safely contained in a Void-Ball you idiot. He's badly injured. He needs a hospital."
Ash slumped under the accusation. Of course it was his fault the Pikachu hated the environment of the Void-Balls.
"Is he your Pikachu?" She asked suspiciously.
"Sorta!" Ash answered before looking up at her, "I didn't steal him if that's what you mean. He's sorta independant."
The girl nodded thoughtfully. This boy was obviously an inexperienced trainer and his Pokemon wouldn't follow his commands. He'd even dressed it in human clothing.
"There's a hospital not far from here. I'll take you there. Just help me carry him to my moped."
Ash lifts himself off the ground and approaches her, when he hears a screech in the sky. He turns and sees the flock of Spearow far in the sky. He takes Dex out to confirm it, but the computer screen glitches.
"Initiating repair sequence!" the holo-image reads, "please stand by"
"Crap!" Ash put it back in his pocket and ran to Pii'Chana, lifting him onto his shoulder. He ran forwards with him and approached a shiny-pink moped.
"Hey what do you think your doing!" The girl screamed behind him as Ash quickly flung Pii'Chana over the seat of the bike and lunged onto it starting the engine.
He looked back at her, "I'm sorry I need to lend your bike. It's urgent, I'll bring it back. I promise!"
With that he sped off along the forest path hurtling away from the fast approaching flock. It starts to rain as the flock pursues the moped with Ash and Pii'Chana on it.
Suddenly a bend in the road forces him to swerve too suddenly and he ends up careening off the road and he and the Pikachu are flung from the vehicle into the road with the rain cascading down onto them.
The Pikachu groans as he regains consciousness. He hardly moves as Ash lift's himself up and looks over at him.
The flock start to descend and the storm grows stronger.
Ash takes a Void-Ball out of his pocket and places it in front of Pii'Chana.
"I know you don't like it in one of these, but please! Get inside and you'll be safe. I'll hold them off and when this is over you can get yourself healed. At least you'll be safe." He smiles and turns away limping towards the closely gaining Spearow, as Pii'Chana looks on with a dawning look of awe on his face. He spreads his arms out wide and lifts his head towards them.
"Bring it on. I'm Ash Ketchum trainer of Pallet Town and I'm not afraid to face you" He shouted towards the Pokemon. It was bravado and Ash was shaking as he said it, but it was all he had.
The swirl of wings and claws neared him and the closest spearow looked like a nightmarish harpie as it flew towards him but he stood his ground.
In a whirl of motion Ash was flung back, as Pii'Chana grabbed him and threw him out of the way hurling up his arms and snarling. A bolt of lightning struck the Pikachu and a massive discharge of electrical energy struck out in front of him into the approaching Spearow, who shrieked as it struck them.
Then everything went black.

Some time later Ash opened his eyes. The storm had stopped and their was no sign of the aggressive clan of Spearow in the sky. He lifted his head and looked around to see Pii'Chana breathing heavily on the floor, but conscious.
"Why did you do that?" He asked.
Pii'Chana looked at him, " tried to save me." He lifted himself with effort and held out a hand for Ash, lifting him up while holding his side, "Partner!"
They smiled at each other for a second.
A bright light attracts there eyes in the sky and a huge bird crosses over them. It's wings shimmer as it majestically swoops over them and Pip frowns. Ash takes Dex out of his pocket and checks it.
It's display flickers for a moment before a holographic image of Dex appears as a representation of Ash.
"System reboot successful. Next time you go for a swim warn me first, please!"
"Sorry Dex" Ash says, "Can you tell us what that is?" He asks pointing up at the huge bird.
Dex looks for a moment, "Data not present, I currently hold information on one-hundred and fifty known pokemon clans present in the Kanto region. Though more clans exist, the geographical limitations of my system cannot identify it's source."
"Thank you!" Ash said as he returned Dex to his pocket. He turned to Pii'Chana as the Pikachu slumped slightly, and he lunged forwards to catch him placing his arm around him for support.
"Come on, Viridian City is this way." He says as he steers Pii'Chana towards the city in the distance, "You know this would be faster if you would just get inside a Void-Ball. You'd be healed in no time at all"
Pii'Chana Tensed until he looked at Ash's smiling face and he gave a small smile of his own,
"Funny," He said, " want to work. Slacker"
Ash laughed, "Really? So that wasn't work dragging you through a lake and saving you from a huge sea monster?"
Pii'Chana laughed and winced when his side hurt from the effort, "Not...close even" he said.
"What was that by the way, it wasn't a Pokemon was it? I thought all pokemon were humanoid"
Pikachu simply looked at Ash, "You have a lot of things to learn about my kind!"
They headed in to Viridian City with Ash supporting his new partner and friend.
Pokemon Reboot-I Choose You!
I've been writing my own story for a while now which I am not quite ready to upload. In between my ramblings and attempts at writing I dabble in fan-fiction. I have been toying with a reboot idea for Pokemon for a while now and I wrote this a while back as a pokemon world set in a very different kind of setting. In this world magic exists and the pokemon are not animals they are humanoid clans who have been shackled over time to humanities will through the use of magical artifacts. I have many ideas for this setting in my head with Professor Oak having certain idea's that do not fit in with the Pokemon League's propaganda about the different clans that exist. The League is kind of like the ruling organisational body of this world and they have a vested interest in keeping the status quo. 
Anyway I hope you like it and please leave a comment if you think their is something that could be changed or if you think my writing is sub-par. I'm doing this so I can improve on my overall writing. Thanks. 
--Writing the second part while I fill out pokedex entries for the various clans. I'm also going to do character write-ups. 
#004-Charmander Clan

Fire Elementals
Biology and appearance
The Charmander Clan or "Lizard" clan are reptilian humanoids with orange skin, though many have a torso of cream coloured skin. They have two sets of fangs on the upper and lower jaw of their mouths. The clans eyes are blue. They have four clawed fingers and three clawed toes. Their long tails burn with an ethereal flame which starts burning from the moment of their birth and gets steadily stronger the older a Charmander gets. These flames are an indicator of a certain clan members health and mood, burning brightly when they are strong and with a weaker glow when they are weak or exhausted, wavering gently when they are happy and blazing with heat when they are angry. They are also linked to a Charmander's life-force and if the fire is ever extinguished the clan member dies instantly. As a magical flame however they are very hard to extinguish. Some members of the clan have been known to be born with a blue flame that ties to their life-force upon birth though the advantages or disadvantages this provides are not known.
The Charmander clans have been selectively bred for hundreds of years though unlike other clans that have been bred to be tame over time, the Charmander clans have proven to be a challenge. Only the most skilled trainers can utilize them to the fullest of their abilities due to the clans nature of being aggressive and strong willed. They were once a proud and strong race and their strong willed nature and respect for strength in their trainers is a byproduct of their former status within the Pokemon races of Kanto. They exhibit pack behaviour and will call others of their clan if they find food or if they are threatened in any way.
Geographical clan locations
They are selectively bread in arid environments all around Kanto. A few breeders have also started breeding them in the mountainous regions that used to be part of their former territories before they were captured and controlled by humanity. The few surviving clans that escaped the final war with humanity were hunted down and captured or killed by specialised dragon hunters over four hundred years ago.
The female population is tightly controlled with more males being prevalent than females.
Historians have found many artefacts of the Charmander clan throughout Kanto and Johto though evidence of where they originated is still sparse. What is known is that they were once numerous and early fossils show evidence that supports theories that they didn't always possess their fiery tails. It is unknown at what point they developed this curious feature, though it helped to make them one of the most powerful clans in the regions of Kanto and Johto. They amassed a huge amount of territory and their draconic empire encompassed many other Pokemon clans within their borders.
When early humans arrived within the region the Charmander clan took little notice of them. Humanity being a minor species with no access to the magical energies that the disparate Pokemon clans could wield.
Over time however it became apparent that ignoring humanity was a vast mistake as early tribes of humanity spread like a plague throughout their regions and started to hunt down and kill the different clans in the region, wiping some clans to extinction before they even knew they were under threat.
The Charmander clan acting as protector to the other clans within their territory went to war with the humans killing hundreds of them before humanity could lift a finger to protect themselves. For over two hundred years they fought while many clans retreated the Charmander clan would not yield and took heavy losses in the war.
Humanity though unable to wield magic had an ingenuity on their side that the clans could not match and the Fire clan started being hunted down by specialised "dragon hunters" equipped to fight them and kill them.
They were left with no other choice but to ally themselves with the last two great clans of the time. The forest guardians and the wave riders, Bulbasaur and Squirtle clan. They prepared for a final assault on the humans and pushed them back to the borders of Kanto, Johto having been lost to the fire breathing clan years before.
Unfortunately for the clan the humans had learnt to harness magic in the same way the pokemon clan's did, though they were not tied to it like the many clans. They had crafted magical devices known as void-balls and they used them against the clans in the final battle.
The results were devastating and the once mighty clan fell swiftly. Humanity had won the day and quickly brought the pokemon under their control.
Over the subsequent years humanity experimented on the captured clan members to learn their magic and their secrets. Many were killed by extinguishing their magical flames before being dissected.
The remainder were taken for breeding in high security facilities and kept locked away, the clan being too headstrong and rebellious to be utilised as assets. The humans debated on whether or not to commit genocide on the Charmander clan as a message to the remainder but decided not to. The once mighty clan would be broken in time like numerous clans before them.
Over time the Pokemon League formed and through experimentation and practice they were able to bring the surviving clan under control though only through shows of strength and force and they were utilised early on as the first enforcers and weapons by the league.
Used in propaganda they were forced to fight for the league.
They were moved to arid environments to help the clan breed and become numerous once more as over time their numbers had declined in the captivity of the high security pens they had been kept in since their capture.
The change helped to make the clans numbers large once more and they were made one of the first three clans available to trainer initiates to show the strength of humanity in the Kanto region. The mighty clan that had once wiped them from the region was hereby civilized though trainers were warned that if they chose a member of the clan as a weapon they needed to be strong and talented to keep them under control.
The domesticated clans cling to their lost heritage through the flames, which not only keep them alive but also have a rudimentary genetic heritage recorded deep within their fire. This has made taming clan members completely impossible, requiring them to be permanently shackled to a trainers will.
No clans survive in the wild, as the remaining survivors were hunted down after the war. Only the strongest of the clan survived for very long, and as hundreds of years have past any that did would have been cut off and it is unlikely they would have survived the hundreds of years since the wars end.
The Charmander Clan like every other pokemon clan venerate and believe in a higher being of power that the clan have no name for outside of their life flames. They believe that the flames that give them life are the result of a higher being, though they do not believe it is a god. They watch the flow of the magical flame and they let it guide them. Though they do not practice any set ritual or ascribe to any dogma within their beliefs when a group gathers together they will show a test of strength and power through gladiatoral fighting and a test of flames to show which clan member is more worthy of the gift of life given to them. Humanity has tried to breed this out of the clan though all attempts have not been successful.
Charmander clan are empowered by their flame and thus have become strong fire elementals being able to call upon the following powers:
Spark: This ability allows the charmander clan to create sparks of fire and control it in rudimentary ways. Every member of the clan has this ability and some are experts in its use though others can only start a fire. It is the first fire based magic a clan member learns and is the basis for the rest of their higher magic.
Fire Fang: Using the rudimentary spark some members of the clan can form their flames inside of their mouths and use them to bite opponents or even to breath fire in battle. It is a skill that requires a lot of practice and many warriors spend their entire lives learning to master it.
Flame Burst: This is a common magical talent of the clan and entails using the natural flames of the clan to set off a huge explosion of fire around themselves for protection and as an attack of little finesse and is a brute strength ability.
Flame Charge: This ability can be used in concert by a group of clan members to strengthen the fires of weakened members and to bolster their own natural flames allowing for greater internal strength and agility allowing feats previously unattainable.
Flame Thrower: This ability can be directed through any part of the clan members body and allows for the user to direct his life giving flame as an offensive weapon. The flame can be used as a blunt strength weapon or be refined into a small directed burst of flame depending on the users ability and training.
Fire Spinner: This ability allows for the user to craft their flames into a wheel of fire around themselves allowing for quick escape or to be hurled as a weapon at their opponent. It is a rare ability and not many users can master it as it is hard to keep a stable form with this ability.
Overheat: The user can superheat their bodies to aid in healing and can be used to aid their attacks by burning opponents while keeping the user safe from a variety of illnesses and magical attacks.
Inferno: This ability is a very rare magical form that allows the user to spread his flame all over his body to become a walking fire while being immune to the flames himself.
Incinerate: With just a small touch the user of this ability can incinerate the object with nothing but a flick of his wrist and is a hard ability to perfect.
Will-o-wisp: This rare ability allows for the creation of minions composed of flames. These minions can be humanoid forms or small embers of flame dependant on the users skill and can be used as guides, assassins, warriors and spies amongst other uses.
Sunny Day: This ability uses the light of the sun to quickly infuse the clan member with power and to heal them during battle. It is a hard ability to master and even harder to use in battle but some clan members have become adept in its use, however the number of clan members able to use this ability have declined since they were captured and selectively bred by humanity.
Lost Magic
When humanity defeated and enslaved the pokemon clans the greater magics of the different clans were lost.
For the Charmander clan this included:
Vulcan's flame: This ability is a rare and lost form of overheat wherein the clan member is infused fully with their tail flame which transforms their entire body into fire and allows the user to travel freely and fastly as fire and use the full force of their fire in whichever way they deem possible. It is the highest form of fire magic the clan has ever possessed though the knowledge of how to use it has been lost for generations.
Sol: This ability infuses the user with the power of the sun and allows their skin to glow with the same energy as Sol. It transforms the user into an avatar of the sun itself and is a dangerous ability that was heavily controlled by the clan and then lost over time.
Animus: The animus form of the clan is not known as it was a closely guarded secret of the clan before they were enslaved and since has been lost.
004-Charmander Clan
The second clan in my rebooted fan project. Tried to give them a bit more in their history as the Charmander evolution line is kinda like the second mascot of the pokemon series after Pikachu. The next will be squirtle. I haven't completely filled out everything on this one as I'm getting tired. will come back and complete it later.
----All done yay!
Getting back in to my writing at last after leaving it to the side for what seems like forever............Not my sci-fi story that i have been working on forever. 
I decided to start with a fan fiction on Pokemon that is kinda a reboot of the series. Hopefully it will get me back into be interested in writing again so I can continue with my stories and get them out so people can read them. 


David Jones
United Kingdom
I am an aspiring writer and anime lover who has been working on a book for well over three years now.

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